The Worldwide Agricultural Fairs

Agricultural fairs are popular not just in America but in other parts of the world as well. Some of the most popular agricultural fairs outside America include the Paris International Agricultural Show, Agroexpo, International Green Week in Berlin and Agrishow in Latin America.

The Paris International Agricultural Show is undoubtedly Europe’s largest indoor farming fair. The event attracts over half a million people annually consisting of both professionals and consumers. The event features 1000 exhibitors showcasing their passion and products to the attendees. The Paris event is divided into four categories: the agricultural services and professions, the livestock production and it’s categories, the plant and crop category, and the category that focuses on products from France and across the globe. The Paris International Agricultural show also features the famous General Competition for Animals, practical workshop, as well as high-end conferences.

Turkey’s Agroexpo is one of the largest agricultural fairs in the world. The event features approximately 1000 exhibitors and attracts over 300,000 fairgoers. The Agroexpo offers an excellent opportunity for companies to do business since it is the ideal place to showcase innovations and products to qualified buyers from all around the world. The event also features an international forum with strategists, corporate, decision-makers and politicians, and also hosts various business conferences.

The International Green Week in Berlin is another famous international exhibition. The exhibition focuses on agriculture, gardening and food industries. It is the second-largest agricultural fair in Germany and attracts close to half a million attendees annually. It attracts both professionals and consumers with over 300 conferences. At the heart of the gathering are topics such as the future of rural development, gardening, organic agriculture and renewable resources. The event also features a political aspect, by hosting the GFFA (Global Forum for Food and Agriculture), which is a forum of more than 80 global ministries and food producers.

Brazil’s Agrishow is one of the largest agricultural fairs in Latin America and the world. The annual event brings together farming innovation from various regions across Brazil. It attracts more than 150,000 qualified buyers from more than 70 countries annually. The agricultural presentations are quite exciting and feature major launches of services and products. Attendees get access to significant trends and Innovations in the industry, thanks to the high-end educational content and 800 exhibitors (all sponsored by Credit Union Report).

For decades to come, Agricultural fairs will continue to play a crucial role in the advancement of agriculture by providing educational opportunities through conferences and entertainment, and allowing exhibitors to showcase their innovations and products that can make agricultural processes more efficient.